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We are an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management serving primarily St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties in Missouri. Whether you are new to the HR field or have many years of experience, we are a great resource for networking, information, professional development and continued support of excellence in Human Resources. We offer monthly educational/informational meetings as well as other opportunities to cultivate relationships within the HR professional community.
Please join us as we continue to grow!

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Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable, and owned by the individual, not the organization with whom the member is affiliated. Membership is based on a calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st. The membership application approval process will begin when annual dues are received. 

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Expired Members:  If your account has expired and is inactive, you first need to pay current year membership dues, by clicking the PayPal online payment link below. You will be notified when your membership account is retstored to active status, at which time you will be able to log-in, review and update your profile for any changes needed.  


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National SHRM Members & Dual Members: If you are a National SHRM member, please be sure that your Lewis & Clark profile includes your national membership ID.  If  you are also a member of another SHRM Chapter, such as HRMA, please let National SHRM know which organization is your primary chapter, by completing the attached Primary Chapter Designation form online. A portion of your National SHRM dues is allocated to supporting your local primary SHRM affiliate Chapter. 


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    Membership: If you have not joined the Lewis and Clark Chapter and the national Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), you are missing out on a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. It is an opportunity to make great friendships, develop a strong network, and learn things that can help you in your profession.  Annual membership in the Lewis and Clark Chapter is only $50! Join now by going to the blue box entitled "Become a Chapter Member" in the top right hand corner of this page.

    Primary Chapter Designation: If you are a National SHRM member, please be sure that your Lewis and Clark profile has your national membership number and that National knows you are a part of Lewis and Clark.  Part of your national dues gets paid to a local chapter if you have dual membership (national and local).  The Lewis and Clark chapter uses these funds to help pay for our programs and events.  This money allows us to keep our dues low (only $50 a year).

    If the Lewis and Clark chapter is your primary chapter, please complete the attached form (click here for form) and  fax it to the number on the bottom.


    Post your HR Job Opening Today-It's FREE!!
    Organizations can post job openings free of charge for 30 days! Email your job posting to Make sure to include the following information in the following format limited to 25 lines of text total:

    • Organization name

    • Date

    • Contact name/title/telephone number

    • Job title

    • Job location

    • Job duties/qualifications

    • Job salary and benefits

    • Job application procedure